To lead off, a writing sample! Spear is an unpublished 110,000-word novel of fantasy and mythology. It has been transposed into a screenplay, losing a little over half of the material while keeping the soul intact. Flip through a page or two or three to get an idea of my feel for dialogue, setting, and character. Or read the whole thing for a rousing good time!


Next up is a design document for a pen and paper RPG I developed for a game I ran. You might be asking, why I attached a hobbyist document instead of a professional one…well, it’s because Dungeons & Dragons should give players as much control over the narrative as possible, and that means systems that empower creativity! Which this is.

Let this odyssey continue with interactive fiction! Recently I’ve written the interactive novel The Ice Breathes, which has been heralded as a light RPG, and the light strategy title, Stellar Drift! Stellar Drift is included below due to its cinematic nature.

And finally, where would we be without something to bring mirth and joy to our musings about video games, a comedy screenplay about an aging professional gamer trying to hold on for one last season…