2020 – The Ice Breathes [an Interactive Novel of Science Thriller]

2018 – Jovian Wolf, by K.R. Horton [a Novelette of Military Science Fiction]

2018 – John of the Eyepatch, by K.R. Horton [a Novel, Looking for Publisher]

2017 – The Last Lot with a View, by Kristopher Horton [a Biographical Novel]

2016 – Spear: Fire & Brimstone, by K.R. Horton [a Novel, Unpublished]

2015 – Burn the Land and Boil the Sea, by K.R. Horton [a Novel, Unpublished]

2014 – vs Zombie, Self Produced [no longer available]

Unity remake of the 2010 Xbox Indie Game. All roles except music.


2013 – Hero Bash, WizardFu

Character, and Combat Design. Also promotional materials.

2011 – Touch Pets Dogs 2, ngmoco:) [no longer available]
UI work and some AI work for pet relationships.

2010 – Touch Pets Cats, ngmoco:) [no longer available]

Re-designed & implemented UI to fit multiple device sizes.


2010 – Samurai vs Zombie, Self Produced [see above for remake]

2009 – Guns Loaded, Self Produced

2009 – Sol Invasion, Self Produced

All roles except voice talent and music.


A good example of how to make arcade gameplay grow up a little…

2007 – Copywriter, Passey Advertising

Wrote and directed dozens of local market commercials, budgets < $500.


2006 – Chaos Comedy Night, Live Improv

2004 – Smart Card, by Kristopher Horton, Published OnSpec #58

What happens when our credit cards decide they know what’s best for us?

2004 – NBA Live 2005, March Madness 2005

Software Engineer: Strategic AI Offense

2003 – NBA Live 2004, March Madness 2004

Software Engineer: Strategic AI Defense

2002 – MVP Baseball 2003, NHL 2003

Software Engineer: UI, Publisher Requirements.

EA Sports “Rookie of the Year.”


2001 – Ominous Horizons, N’Lightning

Software Engineer/Designer: UI and UX.

2000 – Catechumen, N’Lightning

Software Engineer/Designer: UI and UX.

1999 – To Become a Legend, by Kristopher Horton [a Senior Thesis]

No details are available on this really old original novel length manuscript.