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Jovian Wolf

The terrorist designated Jovian Wolf has been wreaking havoc in the Trojan asteroids. Elite combat operators known as Immortals have been dispatched to find and pacify the terrorist threat. Immortals have an advantage over their enemy…when they die, their memories are downloaded into volunteer bodies, ensuring that their experience and skill stays in the fight.

Jovian Wolf is a novelette of military science fiction.

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NBC 5 Features The Last Lot with a View

Five on 5 – Kristopher Horton – Author

The Last Lot with a View

Larry Horton’s quest to lift himself from poverty and achieve the American Dream is a story filled with love, loss, and romantic redemption. A marriage cut tragically short led him to Ann Wirkkula. The meeting promised to change their futures forever as housing investors…only to be threatened by Larry’s own need for success and the ghosts of each of their haunted pasts.

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Burn the Land to Die in Love

A bounty on Brenna’s head has kept her living on the run for most of her life. She meets Lochlan who charms her into putting down a few roots in a smuggler town.

Unfortunately, the map to a rogue AI named the Void resides in the same town, trapped in the head of a comatose operator. When the earthly connection to the AI is restored, it turns most of the outlaw town into techno-zombie drones.

Left unchecked, the Void will devour every human brain in search of raw computational power. The only one that can stop it is a woman on the run who happens to be good with a gun…

Better than 1000 Monkeys with Typewriters


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